Pre-election Thoughts

So much noise out there, I can’t wait till it’s over. So much anger, division, violence, and confusion people are stressed out. It’s hard for me to turn on the TV and not get hooked into some news story so I avoid the living room. Instead I sit and play a game of solitaire or go outside and sit in the swing. Sometimes I feel like I’m copping out but then I stop and think, no, I’m protecting my sanity.

It helps that I’ve already voted. Takes some of the pressure off. I can’t worry about the masses right now so I checked in with my kids making sure they had voted. At this time in my life, doing my part means staying healthy, helping my Mom and Dad make it through the isolation and loneliness that Covid has brought. It is being there for our children and grandchildren in creative and fun ways as they navigate these uncertain times of homeschooling and limited playmate exposure. Yes, life as we knew it will never be the same but it will BE OKAY.

No matter what happens in these coming weeks, remember to breathe, move, and be mindful. Be present to what’s happening now, be patient, kind, compassionate, and courageous.

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